Random Things

First off, I saw THIS recipe for skinny onion rings in the Freshly Pressed section when I logged in to WordPress. Uh, yes please.

There’ve been some pretty great things lately: Visits from Monique & Mary, so much awesome fun. A Sam Roberts Concert with T-Bass & the Gang. A Big Sugar concert with the same awesome gang. The supreme excitement of getting ready for Mexico (5 sleeps!). The great news that my Gay Fiance is coming back to Van for a visit in the new year.

I’m still one of only two writers at work right now, so that means I’m type type typing alllll day long. It makes facebook status updates and tweets rare. (Unless I’m drunk at night) (Which has been happening far too often) It also means that telling stories here seems like… well, more of a chore than it should. So I’ll continue with the posting of pictures as I have been lately, and just say that I think you’re lovely and I miss you!





5 responses to “Random Things

  1. Yay! Thank you for blogging :)

    Can’t wait to come see you again. It was fun, hilarious, super drunken, and just a bit Afterschool Special. I love you, Cassie Mehrassi!

  2. Heh heh, turkey violator.

  3. I was hoping for the skinny onion rings recipe…. Will you send it to me puh-leez?

  4. I am SO making those this week! Hope you’re having a blast in Meh-hee-co!

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